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Does fibromyalgia qualify you for disability benefits?

It is difficult when a medical condition begins to affect multiple areas of your life, but it is extremely difficult when it begins to impact your ability to work. Some people find that they are unable to hold regular employment or earn a living due to various types of medical conditions, including issues ranging from car accident-related injuries to internal illnesses.

One of the common conditions that could affect your ability to work is fibromyalgia. This condition is not visible, and many people misunderstand the impact that it can have on a victim. Over time, this condition could eventually rob you of your ability to work, meet the requirements of other jobs and earn a living to support yourself and your Kentucky family.

What you may experience with fibromyalgia

Not everyone with this condition is unable to work. For some, the pain is manageable or intermittent, allowing the person to continue to work and do normal things. However, you may find that this illness eventually impedes your ability to function normally because of the following symptoms:

  • Widespread nerve pain throughout the body
  • Constant aching that can last for months at a time
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Onset of sleep disorders that prevent you from resting well
  • Difficulty concentrating, focusing and trouble with overall cognitive functions

Medical professionals have yet to discover what actually causes this disease. Some people still question its existence, but it is quite clear that severe cases of fibromyalgia can be detrimental to a victim's quality of life.

Doctors think there are factors that may make a person more likely to develop this painful medical condition. Serious physical trauma, such as that suffered in a car accident, genetics and even infections can trigger the onset of this disease. Some people who study this disease believe that pain comes from a combination of nerve stimulation and the way the brain treats pain signals.

Your ability to work

Living with extreme pain could mean that you are no longer able to hold the same job or hold any type of gainful employment. This is extremely disheartening, yet you could be eligible for disability benefits on the basis of your disabling medical condition.

It is not easy to seek and obtain benefits for your disability due to fibromyalgia. However, with the right help, you can build a strong claim and fight for the support you need when you are no longer able to work. If you think that you may have a valid claim, you may find it beneficial to first seek an explanation of your rights and your potential to seek a disability benefits claim.

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